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When life throws us curves, sometimes we need a map to help us navigate. Our school courses and webinars equip you with the tools and support to transform transitions into empowering journeys of self-discovery.

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Do you crave a supportive community of women who are finding their way through life? Join us for connection, collaboration, and mutual support. Make meaningful connections with women who empower each other.

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Visit our "resource" tab, where we share real-life stories of triumph, challenges, and the wisdom. We believe in the power of shared experiences. Get ready to discover the power within yourself. 

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Stop Searching. We reveal the path. It's time you unleash your inner heroine.

Sign up for a webinar, join our free Comfort Zone challenge, take our self-paced DIY course, or join an accountability group. You don't have to feel lost anymore. Find your purpose, build your confidence, and own your story! It all starts with one class.

This is the School For Real-Life Heroines, a vibrant learning community designed to nurture a woman's full potential.


The School For Real-Life Heroines

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In-person and online programming that will fit every budget. 

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Feeling stuck and unsure where to take your life next?  


Imagine a transformative weekend (in beautiful Maine or virtually on Zoom) dedicated to defining your vision and building a strategic plan to achieve it! It's not just about dreaming. It's about taking action. 


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Kim K. - Student

"I could list multiple times in my life when spending time with Susanna Liller has caused ‚Äúmagic‚ÄĚ to come my way. Susanna has pulled her years of study and learning into a cohesive,¬† self-paced, online course¬†designed to get us out of our heads in order to discover the crux of our greatest desires and the essence of who we are and who we want to be."

Emily R. - Coaching Client

"Working with Susanna Liller has changed my life. Focusing on the smaller lessons and assignments made everything I wanted for myself... possible. I highly recommend."

Linda L. - Student

"As I started lesson one, I just started sobbing. Your words touched me, I knew this was going to be a powerful experience. It's exactly what I needed. I had forgotten who I was. I used to be so adventurous. I used to laugh a lot. I want me back. I feel so happy to be focusing on me."

Wishing won't change anything.  It's time you make change happen.


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